A Look at the Art:
“ I try to make things look like they work”. This is the bedrock of Alicia’s illustrations. With a background in both art training at college, and her interest in biology, she strives to bring a sense of reality to the most unreal of images. From fairies flying over a garden, to cats in a string quartet, to Coyote creating the Milky Way, a feeling of “rightness” is evident. No matter what your mind may tell you about the real world, what you see does look just right. And it must be real. She couldn’t draw it if it wasn’t? Right?
Her work runs the gamut from a deceptively simple ink line drawing style to some wonderfully baroque and quite ornate illustrations with elaborate costumery and intricate borders. But through it all is a sense of balance. She uses the voids to balance the weight of the ink. White space is as important as the ink and paint laid down on the paper. Her more recent excursions into the worlds of Native American mythologies have allowed for a merging of the human/animal personas into a newer interpretation of the mystical and spiritual realms found in those stories. An interest in printmaking and a number of classes have led her to the use of embossure on some of the paintings from Native American myths. The added dimension of the emboss is another layer in the meaning of each painting. As the shadows of the emboss slip across the piece, you are drawn further into the work.
This use of the emboss has been carried over into a series of signed/numbered limited edition prints made from the original paintings of the Native American works. These are added to an already extensive line of limited edition prints she has produced over the years. Many of these fine prints are available from the artist, and are occasionally sold at science-fiction conventions and art shows around the country.